Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Where does the time go?!

It feels good to have a few minutes to blog again!  But at the same time I feel bad that in letting so much time go by I let down the special people who actually take the time and care enough to read my blog!  This is so new to me, and part of the reason that I let time lapse between posts is that I want to write posts of substance; I don't just want to throw anything out there (isn't that what Facebook updates are for?!).  On the other hand, I realize in looking at other popular blogs out there that by posting more frequently, I can stay more connected to people, and posts don't have to be long.  So here I am making a pledge:  I am going to blog at least 2 x week.  My goal is 3 x week, but for now, the launch of the book is so busy, and since I'm doing most of the marketing on my own, I've been overwhelmed!  So until the ball starts moving more smoothly, I pledge to blog 2 x week, with a goal of 3 times down the road! 
I just love this photo of the three of us taken a couple weeks ago at a Bar and my guys!

Of course the day started with us all dressed up and using our manners, but as the celebration continued and we let our hair down, the jackets came off, the ties loosened up, and pretty soon we were eating out of the centerpieces:

And that's what fond family memories are made of!
It's been a crazy week since my first shipment of books arrived!  We blew through about 200 books, and another 200 are being ordered.  I have a few events scheduled in April:  a book sale at Global Fitness Center in Stow on April 23 from 9-12, and I'm speaking about the book on 4/26 at 7:30 pm at the JCC in Acton (details to follow).  I am very impressed with the great job Jason's been doing signing every book--he is very proud to put his autograph inside the cover!  We gave a book to his classroom as a gift, and he was so excited for his teacher to read it to the class.  When he got off the bus after school, I asked him how the class enjoyed the book.  He said, "The girls were all over me!"
As weird as it sounds, all the crappy years of being sick really came in handy tonight.  Jason's throat culture came back positive for strep, so not only can he not go to school tomorrow, but tomorrow the school is having Pajama Day, which he was so excited for.  Plus, we had to reschedule a playdate with a friend he was so looking forward to.  Jason was so sad (and overtired) to be missing such a fun day, that he was just sobbing, "I'm having a terrible day!  I hate being sick!"  I felt so bad for the little guy.  I commiserated with him that I knew exactly how he felt, explaining how when I was sick I couldn't go to the gym, or eat at my favorite restaurants, or take summer vacation.  Fortunately, I assured him that he would be feeling better in no time and would most likely be able to go to school on Friday as well as his playdate that day.  He gradually stopped crying, and sniffled, "You're right Mommy, it's only 1 day."  We can still have our own pajama day tomorrow, and make our favorite "sick day" lunch of pastina and egg (my Italian grandmother's version of penicillin).  At least I was able to talk him off the ledge and he drifted right off to sleep.  I may have had my own plans tomorrow, but I'm always grateful to be around to play Dr. Mommy.

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  1. Hi Jen! Congratulations on your book!! I read about it on the Maynard Moms group and followed the link to your blog. I had no idea about your illness. You always look so beautiful and healthy, it's hard to believe you went through something so horrible. I have to admit, though...what really sparked me to comment was that WE love pastina and egg too! :D

    Michele Hudak