Friday, March 4, 2011

I'm back!

Two weeks and 14 blog posts later, I am back!  It feels good to be able to start writing in the present tense; up until this point, I wanted to share the events of the past and how they contributed to the book.  So now I look forward to the exciting future of printing and promoting Where Did Mommy's Superpowers Go?!
I started working with Lisa Akoury-Ross at Sweet Dreams Pulishing in May, 2010.  Over the past year, she and her amazing team have literally transformed my story into an amazing, high-quality children's book which can hold its own next to any top-notch book you'll find on your child's shelf.  I had a lot of help with the production of this book:  Lisa Schleipfer, editor and owner of Eden Rivers Editorial Services, did an incredible job perfecting the text.  Lisa truly made this process a valuable learning experience for me.  Susan Veach, graphic designer, took the text and artwork and merged them together beautifully, creating a seamless layout.  And I can't say enough about my creative, imaginative and talented artist, Randy Jennings.  When Lisa, Randy and I had a conference call back in December, 2010, I instantly had a good feeling about him.  I could feel the positive vibe over the phone from the west coast.  Randy offered to do a sample sketch for me, and as soon as I saw it, I sent him an email:  "You're hired!"  Not only are his illustrations fantastic, but I always appreciated his great ideas, artistic vision, and sense of humor.  It was a pleasure to collaborate with him on the book.
Lisa and her team were just as committed as I was to making this book the best it could be.  We had more than five rounds of reviews, and just today I signed off on the final version.  Once Susan completes the book, we'll do our first print run and the book will be available for purchase!  I can't wait.
A huge thank you to my "Sweet Dreams Team".  You guys are the best.  What an exciting way to kick off the spring!

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