Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Where does the time go?!

It feels good to have a few minutes to blog again!  But at the same time I feel bad that in letting so much time go by I let down the special people who actually take the time and care enough to read my blog!  This is so new to me, and part of the reason that I let time lapse between posts is that I want to write posts of substance; I don't just want to throw anything out there (isn't that what Facebook updates are for?!).  On the other hand, I realize in looking at other popular blogs out there that by posting more frequently, I can stay more connected to people, and posts don't have to be long.  So here I am making a pledge:  I am going to blog at least 2 x week.  My goal is 3 x week, but for now, the launch of the book is so busy, and since I'm doing most of the marketing on my own, I've been overwhelmed!  So until the ball starts moving more smoothly, I pledge to blog 2 x week, with a goal of 3 times down the road! 
I just love this photo of the three of us taken a couple weeks ago at a Bar and my guys!

Of course the day started with us all dressed up and using our manners, but as the celebration continued and we let our hair down, the jackets came off, the ties loosened up, and pretty soon we were eating out of the centerpieces:

And that's what fond family memories are made of!
It's been a crazy week since my first shipment of books arrived!  We blew through about 200 books, and another 200 are being ordered.  I have a few events scheduled in April:  a book sale at Global Fitness Center in Stow on April 23 from 9-12, and I'm speaking about the book on 4/26 at 7:30 pm at the JCC in Acton (details to follow).  I am very impressed with the great job Jason's been doing signing every book--he is very proud to put his autograph inside the cover!  We gave a book to his classroom as a gift, and he was so excited for his teacher to read it to the class.  When he got off the bus after school, I asked him how the class enjoyed the book.  He said, "The girls were all over me!"
As weird as it sounds, all the crappy years of being sick really came in handy tonight.  Jason's throat culture came back positive for strep, so not only can he not go to school tomorrow, but tomorrow the school is having Pajama Day, which he was so excited for.  Plus, we had to reschedule a playdate with a friend he was so looking forward to.  Jason was so sad (and overtired) to be missing such a fun day, that he was just sobbing, "I'm having a terrible day!  I hate being sick!"  I felt so bad for the little guy.  I commiserated with him that I knew exactly how he felt, explaining how when I was sick I couldn't go to the gym, or eat at my favorite restaurants, or take summer vacation.  Fortunately, I assured him that he would be feeling better in no time and would most likely be able to go to school on Friday as well as his playdate that day.  He gradually stopped crying, and sniffled, "You're right Mommy, it's only 1 day."  We can still have our own pajama day tomorrow, and make our favorite "sick day" lunch of pastina and egg (my Italian grandmother's version of penicillin).  At least I was able to talk him off the ledge and he drifted right off to sleep.  I may have had my own plans tomorrow, but I'm always grateful to be around to play Dr. Mommy.

Friday, March 25, 2011

Our first newspaper article!

Check out the great article our local paper, The Beacon Villager, did on the book release:  Mommy lost her superpowers,  I'm really happy with how it turned out, and Jason was thrilled to have his picture in the paper!
It's been a busy and exciting week...200 books arrived in my driveway just three days ago, and already they've all been spoken for!  I'm ordering more, so please keep spreading the word to your friends, family, pediatricians, doctors' offices, schools, libraries, hospitals, and local bookstores.  I greatly appreciate all the support from each and every one of you, and please feel free to email me your thoughts and feedback on the book.  I'd love to know:

*How did your children respond to the book?
*Did your children understand the story?
*What emotions came up while you were reading it?
*What types of questions did they ask?
*Do you feel anything was missing?
*Did you find the book helpful?

This is a short post as I have to run and fetch my "Business Partner" off the school bus!  Enjoy the weekend!

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Great news: the books have arrived!!!

I am so happy to announce that 200 copies of Where Did Mommy's Superpowers Go? arrived today in my driveway!  Jason and I found three boxes stacked on top of each other when we returned home from the bus stop.  We cracked open the first box and of course, Jason got the first signed copy from "the author".
So what does an "independently published" book look like?  Well, you know your favorite paperbacks on your child's shelf:  Curious George, Make Way for Ducklings, Walter the Farting Dog (okay, our collection is pretty diverse)...well it looks *that good*! 

Now that this book is finally making it beyond my laptop and will be shared among all of you, I have one request.  Please share your thoughts, feedback and comments.  This project has been kept "top secret" for so long, and I'm so excited to have you and your children read it.  You can comment here on this blog, or post a note on the Facebook page, or feel free to email me...I can't wait to hear what you think.  And if you like the book...please spread the word!

If you or someone you know would like a copy of this book, you may order online with a credit card at  Here you can also get an inside peek at the interior pages! 
If you prefer a copy personalized by me and Jason, and don't mind paying by cash or check, please email me at with the following info:

Phone number
Email address
Number of copies
Names of those you'd like us to personalize the book for

I will confirm your order by email. 

Good thing Biggest Loser is on tonight--I'll have some entertainment while I work on this pile! :)

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

It's official!

I am happy to announce that the book is now available for pre-order!  What that simply means is that the book can be ordered from either me personally, or from my publisher's website (it's as simple as ordering from Pottery Barn--right Steve?  He's not laughing--I recently did quite some damage at, and as soon as the books arrive from the printer, they will be distributed.
Every illustration in this 8x10, 36-page paperback is in full color.  Here's a glimpse at the back cover:

The book is not yet available in stores (but hopefully will be eventually!).  There are two ways to pre-order your copy:

1.)  Through me with cash or check--Jason and I will personalize and sign your copy!  Simply send me an email with your name, address, phone and email address, and how many copies you would like.  I'll send you a confirmation email.

2.)  Directly through my publisher's website with a credit card--Jason and I promise to sign your copy!  Simply click right here:

Don't forget to visit my publisher's website at  Here you can meet Lisa Akoury-Ross in her video clip, and see my title appear on the homepage--very cool! 
Where Did Mommy's Superpowers Go? is $14.95, plus shipping and handling.
I've been so impressed and grateful for all the kind emails, Facebook comments, "likes", and sharing everyone has been supporting me with.  I'm also thrilled with the great ideas people are coming up with to share this story, such as donating copies to their local town and school libraries, suggesting the book to be included in support group materials, or provided in hospital "goody" bags given to children whose parents are receiving care.  Trust me, I've got my own (long) list of ideas and contacts, but I'm open to any and all suggestions!  Feel free to share yours with me.
And I just have to brag for one quick second...see that adorable pink and purple "Join Our Email List" box at the top right corner?  Did it all myself.  Uh-huh.  Steve wasn't even around!  I'm so impressed with myself!  I'm having so much fun playing around with my "tiny url's" and; maybe one day I'll actually understand what it is that Steve does all day!

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Friday, March 4, 2011

I'm back!

Two weeks and 14 blog posts later, I am back!  It feels good to be able to start writing in the present tense; up until this point, I wanted to share the events of the past and how they contributed to the book.  So now I look forward to the exciting future of printing and promoting Where Did Mommy's Superpowers Go?!
I started working with Lisa Akoury-Ross at Sweet Dreams Pulishing in May, 2010.  Over the past year, she and her amazing team have literally transformed my story into an amazing, high-quality children's book which can hold its own next to any top-notch book you'll find on your child's shelf.  I had a lot of help with the production of this book:  Lisa Schleipfer, editor and owner of Eden Rivers Editorial Services, did an incredible job perfecting the text.  Lisa truly made this process a valuable learning experience for me.  Susan Veach, graphic designer, took the text and artwork and merged them together beautifully, creating a seamless layout.  And I can't say enough about my creative, imaginative and talented artist, Randy Jennings.  When Lisa, Randy and I had a conference call back in December, 2010, I instantly had a good feeling about him.  I could feel the positive vibe over the phone from the west coast.  Randy offered to do a sample sketch for me, and as soon as I saw it, I sent him an email:  "You're hired!"  Not only are his illustrations fantastic, but I always appreciated his great ideas, artistic vision, and sense of humor.  It was a pleasure to collaborate with him on the book.
Lisa and her team were just as committed as I was to making this book the best it could be.  We had more than five rounds of reviews, and just today I signed off on the final version.  Once Susan completes the book, we'll do our first print run and the book will be available for purchase!  I can't wait.
A huge thank you to my "Sweet Dreams Team".  You guys are the best.  What an exciting way to kick off the spring!