Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Birthdays are a gift

How often do you notice people complaining about another birthday?  It's usually growing older that is the most common complaint, although I've known a couple people to admit not enjoying being the center of attention for a day...they just don't enjoy receiving phone calls, or even gifts.  For others, they just don't "get" what the big deal is about.  But if you've ever been in a situation where you weren't sure how many more birthdays you'd see, having them would take on a whole new meaning.
When I finished my last blog entry, my intention was to start sharing my story from the beginning, and explain how my children's picture book, Where Did Mommy's Superpowers Go? was written.  But with my 42nd birthday coming tomorrow, I just had to express how happy I am to be having it!  People joke that "40 is the new 20", but I like to say I'm 42 with the insides of a 3 year-old!  I never complain about getting older, in fact, I relish it!  I've already enjoyed a special lunch date at a fabulous restaurant with a one of my closest friends, as well as a wonderful evening having dinner with a few more friends I consider more like family.  All I'm doing is eating...yesterday I had lunch with a dear friend of almost 20 years!!!  Tomorrow, weather permitting, I'm looking forward to having lunch with two more long-time friends who've seen me through thick and thin.  How great is it that I get to celebrate with these amazing ladies?!  Not to mention the lovefest I expect to have with Jason, who at only 7 has become a master of surprise.  He is well on his way to an Academy Award the way he can pretend, with a totally straight face, that he doesn't have a card or gift for me, that "Daddy forgot" to take him, and then VOILA!  He showers me with the most thoughtful handwritten note or homemade present (see attached photo of this year's artistic masterpiece!): Of course I'm looking forward to a romantic dinner date with Steve this weekend, as well as spending some quality time with my sister, which is always so much fun and doesn't happen nearly enough.  And since this birthday hasn't had enough eating, I can't wait to have a special ladies' brunch with my mom, whose birthday was only 10 days ago.  Yes, I am full of gratitude for another birthday...and am going to *rock* 42.  I don't think I'll even lie about my age...I want to announce it every year with pride!

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